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What is IOWME?

IOWME is a cloud formed and sustained by all of the users who want to enjoy its possibilities, which stores data on computers, mobile phones and tablets. Everything with maximum security, using military level algorithms, which makes it possible to have no space limits for our files, to have them anywhere, and just as with archives, with everything related to our virtual identity, e-mail, friends networks, professional networks, diary, health information, offers of work, chat, music, films, etc.

But is it really possible to have a unique place with everything? Get your invitation.

Who are we?
Iowme Network SL is a company founded in Spain, made up of a team of all ages, combining youth and experience, with a strong innovative spirit. The main project is the Iowme network, which came into being with the idea of creating a new internet, with new rules, with user protection, where keeping your privacy is the ultimate aim.

From their inception to the present day, all platforms on the market have based their economic activities on the number of users and their information. This implies that they are the owners of our data, that they pass them on or trade them, but above all that we do not have any control over them and that, on numerous occasions, they have caused us unintended privacy problems.

Iowme is a completely opposite concept.

"I ow(n) me" defines our philosophy. The approximate meaning, "I own me", is the basis for the project, giving the user full control of their privacy: from allowing you to control exactly what you want to publish on the internet or share with other users, to the physical location of the files, which will be in a cloud formed by all of you, without the company storing them on their servers or making use of them for commercial purposes or otherwise.