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Manifiesto. Our principles

Since the beginning of the internet, we have tried to create a network that enables communication between

people, peer to peer, without borders, without Government, without laws, creating a new virtual world, a


With the passage of time, this new channel of communication has attracted commercial interests, the need

for regulation and other changes in the rules of the game that have ended up transforming this virtual world

into a replica of reality, but in intangible form.

Today, every country regulates access to the network, the major economic powers have become established

on the channel, government agencies spy on and control information, breaching our privacy, certain

governments even exercise censorship and, recently, people have been relegated to mere pawns on rails.

It is at this time that we believe that there is another way of doing things, a technology that allows us to

give control back to the user with a specific physical infrastructure that is vastly superior to large internet

corporations. A revolutionary spirit that makes it possible to change the rules of the game. An internet

within the internet.

That place is possible today. That place is Iowme.